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Policy for Cancellation


We at extreme supplies firmly believe in “the best” and hassle free cancellation policy online to maintain our customer’s faith. We have made the cancellation policy available online to facilitate our customers with the highest level of convenience. It is advisable to read the same first to avoid misunderstanding and to avail smooth functioning.



Ground Zero of the Cancellation Policy

  • The status of the “order” that is made online through company website will be treated as “canceled” one only when the cancellation request is made within 3 working days of placing an order.
  • The customer will have to provide 7 working days to process a cancellation.
  • The cancellation request shall be made by writing an email to us, handwritten letter proposing to do the same, by a fax or making a call to our company customer care cell.
  • The cancellation request will be terminated if the buyer has directly dealt with the manufacturer and in addition the manufacturer has instigated the shipment. The company holds no responsibility in these situations.
  • If the product falls under “same day delivery” category then cancellation will not take place. Hence, in this scenario the customers are requested to act very carefully before placing any order.
  • The cancellation policy will not apply if the customer is willingly deny taking or buying our product where the product is having no defect or problem.
  • The cancellation policy will also not come into consideration when the customer fails to establish the fact that the product is not upto relevant standards.
  • The customer by any means is acknowledged regarding the sub standards of the product then he shall be granted to cancel the order before delivery.
  • The customer if willing to cancel the order due to warranty or guarantee discrepancy then he may be denied for the same. As warranty or guarantee conditions are subject matter of the manufacturer and not of the supplier.
  • You become entitled to the cancellation policy the moment you make a purchase order online and the order last for at least 14 days.



The Cancellation Request will not be processed if . . .

  • You send text messages on any of the numbers provided.
  • You call on company’s skype address for cancellation.
  • You send messages through Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter or any similar applications.
  • You furbish incomplete purchase information.
  • You intentionally try to profit yourself monetarily using company policies.
  • You inform customer care after 3 days.
  • Your order lasts less than 14 days.
  • Your purchase information is suspicious.
  • Government makes changes in such type of policies and laws.
  • You purchase from manufacturer portal and claim us.
  • The proposed product or goods is dispatched or shipped.
  • If we find the seals, stickers, tags, outer coverings, packing etc. in a torn or intentionally ripped off condition.
  • You fall under certain product category where cancellation is not possible.



The Policy and the local LAW

Extreme supplies trades through online portals worldwide while in physical form at the place of origin. Hence, where ever the purchase is made, the jurisdiction will be the place of company establishment.

The customers are requested to go through local and international laws for purchase, cancellation, online orders etc.

The customer will have no right to act in any means in the court of law domestic or internationally asking for any type of compensation he or she has to face on before or after cancellation.

If the customer still acts for the same the above statement shall be produced in the court of law to wind up the entire matter.



Postage Expenses

  • If it is a fresh order the local postage expenses will be borne by the company whereas postage expense other than local will be borne by the customer.
  • If the customer cancels the order and return the goods, the postage expense will be borne by the company of both local and international.



Claiming your Money

Once you successfully cancel your order online by getting a confirmation on the same your paid money will be reverted back to you within 15 working days. Not any interest will be paid to you or anyone on behalf of you.


Hope you have a better memory with Extreme Supplies Hard Drives.