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We firmly believe in our Return policy “You get what you see”


During an online purchase, customers are facilitated with brief product descriptions and tiny product images. Hence, it is not always that you receive the exact product which you ordered. The nightmare starts here. You have to go through a lengthy process of cancellation, refunds; cash returns etc. but the scenario is totally different in extreme supplies.

Firstly, we don’t make false promises neither we deliver substandard products. We are excellent in our return policy. Even though, if customers by any means are not satisfied with our service they can claim for return. Store credit is another way of facilitating our customers. If the customer opts for store credit of the same value we are ready to serve in the same manner too. You just need to state whether you want a cash refund or a store credit.



  • An individual who has purchased from our company’s online portal.
  • An individual who finds the product to have the manufacturing defect.
  • An individual who finds the product in a nonworking state.
  • An individual who finds the product in tempered condition at the time of delivery.
  • An individual who finds the product with dents, scratches, torn labels and stickers.
  • An individual who finds product parts missing.
  • An individual who finds his/her product in defected condition and not in a state to repair at the time of delivery.
  • If you register for return within 30 working days.
  • The actual product fails to satisfy the description read online




- Scenario 1

Using our return policy is very simple and quick. If you feel like returning the product back to us kindly visit us with all the purchase information. If you are around our physical location then catch us there and produce original purchase information and get your money back. Kindly take a note that we do not pay any kind of interest on the amount that is with us during this entire period.


- Scenario 2

If you have purchased from our online portal drop us an email with all purchase information. You can also call us on our customer care numbers and register your purchase information.


** All these will require at least 30 working days, so be patient we are here to help, not to harass Once our team – managing all our return product affairs have finished we will transfer the amount spent by you in your account. Kindly take a note that we do not pay any kind of interest on the amount that is with us during this entire period.



Money back Policy

Refund will be given in the same currency, through which a purchase was made. For e.g. if you have purchased in US dollar refund will be allotted in the same currency. If you have purchased through bank cheque, the refund amount will be transferred to account printed on the bank cheque or in the bank account given by the customer. If a purchase is made by credit card the same amount of credit will be transferred to that account.